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After our stay in the Tayrona National Park, we were ready to relax. And there’s no better place to do that than in Palomino! Palomino is a small village located on the Caribbean coast and isn’t as popular (yet) as places like Tayrona and Minca. The laid back vibe was just what we needed half way into our Colombia trip. Be sure to have enough cash when you visit Palomino, there are no ATM’s in this small town.

How to get to Palomino?

We took a bus from Eco Hostal Yuluka to Palomino. This was the same kind of bus that we took from Santa Marta to Tayrona. The bus pass by every +/- 30 minutes, so you can just stand on the side of the road and the bus will stop for you.

Where to stay in Palomino?

We booked our stay at Casa del Pavo Real Boutique Hostel which was our favorite and best stay in Colombia! This boutique hostel exceed our expectations in every way. Our room was clean and looked like it came straight out of a interior magazine. The staff was nice, the food was de-li-cious and the location was just three minutes away from the beach. Get a €15,- discount on your stay with the code E0TANA81 if you book via

What to do in Palomino?

We read the top thing to do in Palomino is tubing! So we booked our trip and our guides picked us up the next day on motorcycles. We had to walk the last 15 minutes straight up to get to the starting point on the river. I liked the first 5 minutes in the water and then it got.. boring. The water was still, so you float very slowly for almost an hour. And the view is pretty much the same the whole way. Not something I would do again here.

Take surf lessons
Something we didn’t do, but would have loved doing instead of tubing! The waves are perfect for surfing lessons.

Take a walk on the beach and just relax underneath the palm trees. The chill vibe in Palomino is contagious 😉

Where to eat?

Makao Hostel – Dinner
Dinner on the beach with your feet in the sand, cocktails & fresh fish. Makao is a treat! We ordered a fish that couldn’t even fit on the plate and it was probably the best fish we ever had.

Los 7 mares – Lunch
There are a lot of nice healthy & vegetarian lunch spots in Palomino. You’ll find most of them on the ‘main street’ that leads to the beach. Our absolute favorite was Los 7 Mares. The falafel and fish burger are really good and so are the fresh juices that they offer!

MakaoLos 7 maresLos 7 mares


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