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Back to the mountains & hiking! Minca is a small village at the The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain. Great for hiking, visiting waterfalls and enjoying mother nature. Do not skip Minca when you’re on the north side of Colombia, you’ll regret it.

How to get to Minca?

We took the bus from Palomino back to Santa Marta to Calle 11 con Carrera 11 (same place where we took the bus to Tayrona). You can take a shared mini bus here that will leave as soon as the bus is full. Minca is only a 30 – 45 minute drive from Santa Marta. If you’re considering to stay in Santa Marta, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s hot, chaotic on the streets and every two minutes someone wants to sell you something. I would spend more time in Minca, Tayrona or Palomino instead!

Where to stay in Minca?

There are a lot of (secluded) hostels & hotels up on the mountain and near the village Minca. We wanted to stay at a nice, quiet accomodation, but weren’t too excited about a trip up the mountains with our luggage. Don’t think it would’ve been an issue if it was at the beginning of our trip, but at that point we weren’t up for it. We found a perfect secluded stay near the Minca village and right next to the river: Finca Hostal Bolivar. We could hear the river from our balcony, cook our own food if we wanted in the shared kitchen (also nice for a change) and relax in the hammocks. The rooms are modern, clean and there’s hot water! Note: not every hostel in or near Minca has hot water.

The owner of the hostel has a house higher up the mountain and offers his view to the guests. The sunset from this place was absolutely stunning and definitely one of the nicest I’ve ever seen! Get a €15,- discount on your stay with the code E0TANA81 if you book via

One of the most famous hostels in Minca is probably Casa Elemento. We decided to stop by this hostel instead of sleeping here!

At the river down our hostelSunset viewpoint of our hostel

What to do in Minca?

Well, the number one thing to do is hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding Minca. Luckily, we got some great tips from a couple who stayed in the same hostel about the route. Instead of starting the hike from our hostel, we decided to take a motor taxi to El Compano. And thank god we did! The hike from the Minca village up to El Compano is steep, long and the path isn’t that interesting. We walked from El Compano to the Los Pinos viewpoint and then to Casa Elemento where we relaxed and took some photo’s (of course 😉 ). From Casa Elemento, we walked down back to the Minca village. Walking back to the village, you’ll come across two waterfalls. Unfortunately, both waterfalls were packed with Colombian tourists when we arrived, so we decided to skip these. So if you want the waterfalls all to yourself, I would recommend to visit these very early in the morning!

Casa elemento

Where to eat in Minca?

Restaurante Santisabella
Nice Italian restaurant with great cocktails (there’s a cocktail bar attached to this restaurant) and pasta’s). The ravioli’s here were one of the best we’ve ever had. The pizza’s also looked really good, but be warned when you choose the biggest size. It really is enormous!

La Miga
A french bakery with fresh homemade bread, hummus and jams!


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