Colombia 3 weeks Travel Guide

Colombia 3 weeks Travel Guide

There is so much to see in Colombia and it might be difficult to create the right itinerary! We had three weeks to discover this beautiful country and visited seven different locations. For us, this was the ultimate Colombia travel itinerary!

We started in Bogota 🚌 Salento ✈ Medellin ✈ Tayrona 🚌 Palomino 🚌 Minca 🚌 Cartagena

We did our research beforehand and came across a travel route on If you’re a Dutch traveler, this site is probably not new to you 😉 We immediately got so excited about the route, we decided to do the same! We only booked our first location and decided to book the rest on the go. This way we could stay a little longer in the places we enjoyed and vice versa. Colombia has been one of my best travel destinations so far! The people are nice, the costs are low and there are so many different landscapes. From walking in a big modern city (Medellin), to relaxing at the beach (Palomino), to walking in the mountains (Minca)… Colombia really has it all!

Before you go to Colombia

  • Get your vaccinations!
  • Pack clothing for different temperatures. Bring your swim clothes, but also a warm coat! It’s nice and warm on the north coast, but it’s colder in Bogota (depending on which season you’re going of course).
  • If you’re doing the same route in Colombia, I would recommend to travel with a backpack instead of a suitcase. It’s possible to do the trip with a suitcase (I did it), but it would have been a lot easier if I had a backpack in Minca & Palomino.
  • Download the Tappsi app. A safe way to use the taxi’s in Bogota & Medellin!
  • If you don’t speak Spanish, make sure you got a translator app on your mobile that you can also use offline. Most Colombians don’t speak English.

Our travel destinations in Colombia:


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