Bogota City View Monserrate

You might already heard or read some negative stuff about Bogota. So did I before we went! It made me doubt whether to go to Bogota or just skip it and go straight to Salento. There are so many mixed reviews about Bogota: people who encouraged not to go and people who loved it. We decided to see it for ourselves and not skip Bogota. We booked 2 nights and had one full day in Bogota to explore the city.

Bogota is a huge city! We made sure our hotel was located in a nice neighborhood. This way, we could walk around near our hotel without worrying about your safety too much. We stayed at Hotel Regina which I highly recommend. The rooms were modern, the staff was kind and we were only 3 minutes away from Parque de Los Periodistas. Which is surrounded by restaurants and cafe’s. You can get a €15,- discount on your stay with the code E0TANA81 if you book via

What to do in Bogota?

We had to buy some travel gear at the North Face store to prepare for the rest of our trip in Colombia, so we decided to start the day at a shopping mall. I live on Curacao and the shop options aren’t as diverse as I’m used to in Amsterdam. So you can imagine how excited I was to see a Zara again 😉

Graffiti tour
After the shopping spree, we did a free graffiti tour which started at Parque de Los Periodistas (the park near our hotel). Bogota is known for its urban art scene and learning more about the history and meaning of different paintings was really cool. The tour is free, but they accept donations afterwards if you enjoyed it.

Viewpoint Monseratte
The next morning, before heading to Salento, we went to the Monseratte to get a nice view of the whole city. You can either hike up or go with a cable car. We decided to go for the second option.

Bogota graffiti tourBogota Graffiti Tour

Where to eat in Bogota?

There are so many restaurants in Bogota, but we were really in the mood for a Mexican restaurant. We decided to go to Dos Gatos y Simone because we also saw this restaurant during our graffiti tour. The restaurant is covered with graffiti on the outside and easily noticed by the big black/purple cat. When the check arrived, we had to double check if the amount was correct: we only had to ay 15 euro’s for our food & drinks!!

restaurant Bogota Dos Gatos y SimoneDos Gatos y SimoneOur Bogota experience was good. It’s not a city I would want to revisit, but that’s mainly because I liked the rest of Colombia so much more! 😉


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